How to Get a Promotion at Work

How to Get a Promotion at Work

Apr 9, 2020 Strategy by writer

Habits of Employees That get Promoted

There are some things that employees that get the promotions have in common. And, that is habits. The type of habits you have can get you the promotion  you are dreaming of. What habits do you need to get promoted at work? 

Continue Learning

If you want a promotion at work then doing a course should be on top of your list. Do a distance learning course to improve your skills and knowledge of the job. Study at a reputable college like Skills Academy. This on its own can make you more eligible for a promotion at work than anything else. Besides doing a course, show eagerness at work to learn a new skill or attempt a new task when the opportunity arises.

Be Irreplaceable 

How do you become irreplaceable at work? By becoming the go-to person in your job. If you are working in Sales and your colleagues turn to you when they are stuck, your employer will notice that they are always looking for you. If you become an expert in any field it will not be easy replacing you.

Take Initiative

This is one of the most important habits to have if you want to get promoted. This will showcase that you have the ability to grow and are focused on improving yours and others work. This could be something small like not waiting until you are told to do something or fixing a mistake. Then informing the person of the mistake and how you fixed it.

Show leadership

To be a leader you have to act like one. Taking responsibility, being decisive, and confidence is key when displaying leadership. If you embody these qualities you will stand out amongst your colleagues and be so much closer to getting that promotion.

Be Goal Orientated

Setting goals and working on achieving them sounds rather simple. It can be as simple as it sounds by breaking down your goal into smaller goals. Have a 10-year, 5-year, 1 year, monthly and weekly goals. This way you know what you are working on and towards. 


Communicate your goals with your employer. Your employer won’t know you want a promotion or more responsibility if you don’t communicate that with them. Discussing your 5-year goal with your manager is a good place to start.

Always be a Team Player

A good way to demonstrate that you are a team player is by volunteering for tasks before being asked. This shows that you want more responsibility and want to contribute to the greater good. In the process, it will make you stand out even more.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Promotion

Getting promoted at work can take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. How long it takes to get a promotion depends on factors like is there a need in the role higher than yours. If there is a need the company will begin the recruitment process with the candidates for the position. 

Take into account the age of the person in the role you would like to get promoted too. If the person is still young then they could fill that role for quite some time. Always consider the growth of the company. If the company is growing at a good pace then your odds of a promotion is higher than with a company that is not growing at all.